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Geofirma Engineering Ltd. is a Canadian, employee-owned consulting company specializing in Geoscience, Modelling & Environment. Nationally and internationally, we are known for our work in radioactive waste management, and our expertise in groundwater and 2-phase flow modelling. In Ontario and the National Capital Region we provide a full range of environmental consulting services to our private and public sector clients. We operate under an ISO 9001:2008-certified quality management system.

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    Geofirma News & Updates

October, 2014
Dick Jackson gave an invited presentation on Gas release mechanisms from energy wellbores and subsequent groundwater contamination at the Geological Society of America’s Pardee Session on Energy Resource Development and Groundwater: Looking Broader and Deeper in Vancouver BC, October 20th.

June, 2014
Dick Jackson gave a presentation to NRCan staff on the Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction in Canada. 
The presentation was by webnet from NRCan's Booth St. headquarters in Ottawa on June 26th and viewed from GSC in Calgary. 

April, 2014
Geofirma has been selected by South Nation Conservation to assist the City of Clarence-Rockland and the United Counties of Prescott and Russell in the development of a GIS-based screening tool to map aquifer capability based on groundwater quantity and quality.

Othman Nasir attended the 5TH DECOVALEX 2015 Workshop organized by the IRSN at Avignon and the Tournemire Rock Laboratory, France. DECOVALEX is an international research project to support the development and validations of mathematical models of coupled Thermal-Hydrological-Mechanical-Chemical processes in geological media and EBS materials for the DGR.


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