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Originally formed as Raven Beck Environmental Ltd. in 1991, Geofirma is one of Ottawa’s oldest environmental consulting firms.  Over the years we have operated as Intera Consulting Ltd., as Duke Engineering and Services, and as Intera Engineering Ltd. In January 2011, the company was renamed to Geofirma Engineering Ltd. to reflect a transition to one hundred percent Canadian ownership.

An important part of our history was our long-time association with Intera Inc. of Austin, Texas. This association can be traced back to friendships formed in the 1970s at the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Waterloo, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited in Chalk River, Ontario (see photo, credit: Alan Morgan), and the National Hydrology Research Institute (NHRI) of Environment Canada in Ottawa, Ontario. For Ken Raven, Dick Jackson, John Avis, John Pickens, and Gerry Grisak, the years since allowed for much fruitful collaboration, particularly in the areas of radioactive waste management, NAPL and solvents contamination, and numerical modelling.

Today, we continue to focus on three key service areas: Geoscience, Modelling and Environment. Geofirma’s unique background in environmental and contaminant geology and hydrogeology, and our tradition of quantitative problem solving and software development puts us in a great position to tackle the problems of the future.

    Geofirma News & Updates

December, 2014
Dick Jackson gave an invited presentation at the US Energy Association information briefing meeting in Washington DC sponsored by the US Department of Energy on December 18th.

On December 3rd he delivered his Ontario IAH presentation on “Has Fracking Contaminated Anybody's Water Well?" to the Kitchener-Waterloo IAH group.

October, 2014
Dick Jackson gave an invited presentation on "Gas release mechanisms from energy wellbores and subsequent groundwater contamination" at the Geological Society of America’s Pardee Session on Energy Resource Development and Groundwater: Looking Broader and Deeper in Vancouver BC, October 20th.

June, 2014
Dick Jackson gave a presentation to NRCan staff on the Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction in Canada. 
The presentation was by webnet from NRCan's Booth St. headquarters in Ottawa on June 26th and viewed from GSC in Calgary. 

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